into the deep

from up here
those things look scary
a face
a dragon
a monster
I close my eyes
so they can’t see me
and splash quickly back to shore

diving under
surface sounds muffled, disappear
I look up
light dancing on the ripples
of the current

down here
the light is dim
I feel my way
finding treasures
sand dollars, seashells
an old shipwreck
covered in rust and barnacles
mostly obscured
by the murk

I only see what I need to see
don’t know the rest
don’t need to know

feel the cool water slide through my fingers
deliciously smooth
I’m a fish now
twisting and flexing my sleek body
a flash of silver
at home in the deep

arms open wide
an embrace
stretching out
I dissolve
as it was in the beginning
it is now and ever shall be
life without end

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