sinking and swimming

Today I wanted to tell someone that instead of trying to keep my head above water I was just going to grow gills and swim.  I meant it as a joke but the more I think about it the better it sounds.  Instead of struggling and working so hard just to get a breath, only to sink again, why not adapt to what is and go with it.  It’s just another way to go with the flow instead of struggling against the current.

Life is what it is and when I fight it I expend energy in ways that don’t benefit me.  By surrendering I am gentler on myself and I can focus my attention on what is important.  (But how do I tell what is important?)

Adapting is the point.  Resisting is the habit to break.  Acceptance, compromise, adaption, and finding joy in the new life I chose (or has chosen me).    It is a calmer, more content, more centered feeling than splashing, struggling, fighting, to stay on the surface.

And maybe that’s part of it too.  In keeping my focus on the surface I miss what’s deeper, underneath.  By straining to stay afloat and by only focusing on that one thing I miss out on all of what lies below.

So today I surrender and sink down below the surface.  Not to give up, not to die but to release my preconceived notions of what I am supposed to do/want/be/achieve/complete and to see what else might be available to me.  I give up the fight and I allow the currents to take me where I am supposed to go, enjoying the ride, the journey, and not worrying about the destination.

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1 Response to sinking and swimming

  1. LD says:

    Your words always make me feel better. Live Large

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