notes from the other side

Today is Friday January 13, the day before the two year and two month anniversary of THE DAY.  I realized the significance of today only because I noticed my heartache was back in a big way.

So I posted on JJ’s facebook wall about it.  Sometimes when I do that it makes me feel like I’m talking to him for real.  I asked him if I’d ever understand…if I’m even supposed to ever understand…but said not to bother answering because I already knew (the answer is no).

He responded.

First, with a song “Calling Elvis” by Dire Straits.  The first song that played on the radio after I got into my car.  The third Elvis sign I’ve received after I asked for it a few weeks ago.  Then, unmistakably.  As I pulled into a parking space at my destination my eye went to the license plate on the car in the next space.  It said ILOVEJIL.

Yes, really.

So, he didn’t exactly answer my questions.  But I did get an I Love You – which reminds me that Love Is The Most Important Thing.

Love is always the answer.

note from the other side

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3 Responses to notes from the other side

  1. lhorning1 says:

    I don’t know if I will ever forget getting your texts this day telling me about the “signs” you received. And then hours later seeing your post on facebook, then realizing that you had posted to him BEFORE you heard the song and saw the license plate. Super awesome times 1,000!

  2. LD says:

    I Love Jill, ahhh. Jill, we all do!

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