i’m the decider

On my way into work this morning I was noticing the way the light is changing and how the temperature has cooled, and thought about how fall is coming.  The familiar sadness mixed with a dash of dread started creeping in.  Oh, November…the month of painful anniversaries…I am already hearing the sucking noise as you threaten to pull me under.

And then, a revelation:  I can stay rooted here in my sadness and resist the changing of the seasons, or I can embrace the change and seek the good things that surely await each step forward.  Haven’t I been frustrated that things aren’t moving forward the way I want them to?  I’ve felt inert and anxious and frantic and disheartened because my life hasn’t rolled out before me like a red carpet, and yet – here is a tangible shift, and I’m resisting it.

What is it, exactly, that I want?  Change and progress, or not?

I can choose how I feel about any given situation.  Let me say it again.  I CAN CHOOSE HOW I FEEL ABOUT ANY GIVEN SITUATION.  Today I make a conscious decision to anticipate with excitement the changes that are brewing.  I choose to accept in my heart that the sadness I feel is a measure of the deep and abiding love that I had (have) and because of that – it is something to treasure.

What a difference a shift in perspective can make.

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