This post just opened up a whole new way of thinking for me.

To think of hardship as a gift is revolutionary.  I feel an opening up, a letting go, of the resentment I had hung on to – that I didn’t even know was there.  The Why Me.  The feeling that I had been singled out for an especially hard row to hoe.

I have learned many lessons about the amazing power of love and the importance of the connections we have, and I value and am grateful for these lessons.  I am glad to have my eyes opened to a different way of living, and I know I will live a different life now.  I already am.

But I didn’t think of this hard lesson as a gift of love until just this moment.  I am changed forever yet again.

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2 Responses to gifts

  1. Linda Dacar says:

    You are an amazingly strong woman, Jill. I not only love you like a daughter, I admire your strength. Russell is a lucky little boy.

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