I’ve learned that it’s common for people to associate things like rainbows and butterflies with loved ones who have crossed over, so it’s not unique that a rainbow is my sign from JJ.  What is extraordinary (to me) is how often and where I see them, or in this case – that other people see them and are prompted into action.

Yesterday was a sad day.  In thinking about the anniversaries coming up I realized that I am terrified of revisiting the despair and stunned disbelief that descended upon me when JJ died.  On his facebook page I wrote that I wished he hadn’t left us.

Later that day my friend and I went to the park so the kids could play.  She told me that she found a great birthday present for R and couldn’t wait to give it to me.  There was a story behind it, and she asked if I wanted to know it.  I love a good story!  So this is what she told me…

She was looking online for baby clothes with Elvis on them.  The website had 7 pages of children’s items and she looked through all 7 pages twice trying to decide which she liked best.  She finally settled on an I [heart] Elvis onesie, even though it wasn’t exactly what she wanted.  As she was almost through checking out online, something caught her eye in the corner of her screen.  It was a rainbow!  The caption said “you might also be interested in…” and then a picture of a onesie with a rainbow and Elvis on it.  In all 7 pages this did NOT show up – where did this outfit come from?  She immediately bought it, then went back and scoured the website and could not find it.  She called her husband and said “something just happened…” and proceeded to tell him the story.  He couldn’t find the outfit either.  Finally she did a search and it came up, miscategorized somehow, she figured.  Even so, she knew she had nothing to do with this gift.  She felt that it was JJ, working through her, to get to me and R.

She struggled with whether or not to tell me the story for two weeks, and that morning decided to do it.  She told me this story just hours after I wrote on facebook.

Today my tears of sadness were mixed in with tears of joy and gratitude.  I am overwhelmed and awed by the power of love and the connection that remains, and grateful for friends who are placed in my life to help me navigate this transition.


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