things i want to tell you

They’re finally finishing the intersection of Wrightsville and Independence.  It has taken FOREVER!  Hopefully there won’t be any more traffic jams, but I bet it will still be a pain in the ass, even after all that work.

Yesterday Russell and I found a puppy on our walk.  Yes – another puppy…can you believe it?  I thought for more than a minute about keeping him.  He’s really cute, but there’s just no way I can take care of another baby.  Of course I remembered you volunteering to take care of Jackson and Soda Pop…and also you giving your mom a sick bird for Mother’s Day.  So funny!

There has been much, much more – but these are the recent ones.  Maybe if I write them down I’ll stop thinking about how I want to tell you these things.  It’s the little meaningless conversations that I miss.  The funny or absurd or quirky things I see that I want to take a picture of and text to you.  I have friends that I can talk to about anything, but you were the one I turned to first.

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One Response to things i want to tell you

  1. Jeannie Skane says:

    Hmmm… “the little meaningless conversations” – turns out they are not meaningless at all. You miss them so deeply. I believe these moments embody the intimacy and the security – having someone so close and so accessible. You can be yourself. You don’t plan these moments, they just happen. Maybe that is why they seem little and meaningless at the time. But I think they are the foundation of our relationships. I understand why you would cling to them. They are actually huge… I mean, large. 🙂

    Love you!

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