A punch to the stomach.   That’s how it feels to remember you here.  Alive, vibrant.  Your expansive personality filled up a room.  People knew you were there.  You were constantly laughing or doing something to make others laugh.  I called you JJ Loud and My Little Mockingbird, because you always had something to say and usually at high volume.

The other night I saw some people you used to hang out with and it unexpectedly brought you back to me full force.  It has been a while since I let myself think about how you were in life and I realize I keep it at bay because it is so incredibly painful to remember what I have lost.

I remember you JJ and it Hurts.  But I’m glad I haven’t forgotten.

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2 Responses to oof

  1. Liesl says:

    Nobody could forget him. It helps to remember the happy times, and there were many! Thinking of you…

  2. LDacar says:

    I cannot remember much about the first few months after Jason’s passing. I know that I existed in a make-believe world where death did not exist. Somewhere in the fog I began to grieve.

    Losing a child is not a loss that can be denied, ignored, or accepted. It is a travesty. We had been violated and we wanted only … TO HAVE JASON BACK!

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